A major heatwave is on its way to the Spanish coasts, according to The Weather Company. Professional Meteorologists are predicting a short and unusual drop in daytime temperatures before the rise, which may be over 8°C over the average for June. Rain and possible storms are predicted for mainland Spain but shouldn't affect the coasts too severally. The drop in temperature should begin to occur tomorrow and last for 3 days before the heatwave arrives after the weekend.

Temperatures will remain above average across much of the UK and central Europe. But the same can't be said for Spain with temps up over 8°C above normal. - The Weather Company

Holidaymakers are urged to be aware of the rise in temperature which could reach 39°C. Sunblock is an absolute necessity and sunbathers should avoid 'peek sun hours'. With the predicted heatwave arriving so early in the season, this may be a sign of things to come for a record high Spanish summer.

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